ProsperStack changelog
ProsperStack changelog

Specify when a plan change occurs with Stripe




When creating or editing a plan change offer with the Stripe integration, you can now specify when the plan change will occur (either immediately or at the end of the customer's billing period).


Read more about creating change plan offers in our documentation.

Braintree integration




Braintree joins our expanding list of supported billing platforms!


Connect your Braintree account to power your automated retention with coupons, plan changes and enhanced recovered revenue reporting.

Read more about connecting Braintree in our payment provider documentation.

Start cancellation sessions from the dashboard




Typically, cancellation flow sessions are started from your application or service by integrating ProsperStack for a seamless customer offboarding experience.

However, sometimes you may need to manually start a cancellation session on behalf of a customer. Now you can launch live cancellation sessions right from the ProsperStack dashboard!

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 8.16.52 PM.png

Check out the documentation for details on launching manual cancellation sessions on behalf of your customers.

Offer multiple subscription pause durations




Pause subscription offers can now have multiple options to allow customers to choose the duration their subscription will be paused.


You can add up to three options for each offer with custom durations and text to give your customers more flexibility when accepting a pause offer.

Check out the pause subscription offer documentation for details on creating pause offers with multiple options.

Apply a coupon with plan change offers




You can now automatically apply a coupon with a change plan offer.


Select from one of your existing coupons to offer customers an automatic discount along with a plan change. Check out the offer documentation for more details on creating plan change offers.

Require signed flow requests




You can now require signed flow requests from the flow settings panel.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 11.18.11 AM.png

Previously, signed flow requests were only required when the Cancel subscriptions option was enabled, but you can now enable the signature requirement independent of this option.

Flow request signing allows ProsperStack to verify the authenticity of requests to begin a cancellation flow. Check out the request signing documentation for more information on this feature.

Responsive flow previews




You can now preview your cancellation flows in multiple device sizes!

Jul-07-2022 10-35-50.gif

Select from common preset sizes or enter custom dimensions to see how a cancellation flow will look on different devices.

The ProsperStack cancellation flow is fully responsive, so it should work and look great on all commonly-used devices!

Check out the flow preview documentation for more details.

Two-way sync with Intercom




Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 6.30.20 PM.png

We've upgraded our Intercom integration with two-way syncing! You can now save cancellation survey answers to contact data attributes in Intercom.


Note that if you're currently using the Intercom integration, you'll need to reconnect Intercom to grant ProsperStack access to the updated permissions to enable two-way sync. You can reconnect using the Reconnect link in the Intercom integration settings page in your ProsperStack dashboard.

Check out the Intercom integration documentation for details on sending data to Intercom.

New lifetime value segment properties




We've added new properties to create segments based on subscription and customer lifetime values.

The properties are:


  • LTV — The combined lifetime value of all subscriber's subscriptions


  • LTV — The lifetime value of the subscription

These new properties are available when using any of our supported billing platforms.

Read more about using billing platform data to segment customers in our documentation.

Edit custom properties




Custom properties can now be edited to change their name and display formatting style.

Edit property.png

Previously, custom properties were always referenced by their name, which could not be changed after creation. We've added a new field called "unique identifier" which controls how the property is referenced in code and integrations. You can customize the unique identifier when creating a new property, or let ProsperStack generate one for you.

This change will not affect any existing code or integrations — previously created properties will have their unique identifier set to their "name" field so your existing references won't be affected.

Learn more in our custom properties documentation.