ProsperStack changelog
ProsperStack changelog

Filter reports by flow




All Insights reports can now be filtered by cancellation flow!

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 9.28.04 PM.png

You'll find a new Flow filter available at the top of every report in the Insights section. Select a flow from the dropdown to filter the report to results for just that selected flow.

Quickly navigate between sessions




You can now quickly navigate between sessions from the Sessions grid using the new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Mar-15-2023 10-31-03.gif

The navigation bar will appear when viewing a session from the Sessions grid and maintains any active filtering or searches, making it an easy way to quickly see the full details of the records you're looking for.

Show multiple offers simultaneously




Multiple offer groups are now live!

Offer groups allow you to present up to three offers simultaneously, giving your subscribers more options to select the offer that appeals to them.


This new feature is available with the Prosper and Enterprise plans.

Check out the documentation for more information on creating and using offer groups.

New look




The ProsperStack dashboard has a fresh new look! We've updated the entire app to look more modern, be more consistent and make everything easier to find.


As part of this update we've also added search and sorting to Offers, Segments and Properties. It should now be much easier to find what you're looking for!


The Settings screen has also been re-organized to make everything easier to find. You'll now find separate tabs for General settings, Properties, Integrations and API keys.


Everything else should be exactly where you left it, just with a fresh and more consistent look! We looking forward to hearing your feedback on this update and can't wait to show you what else we're working on.

Recharge and Bold integrations




ProsperStack now integrates with Shopify stores that use Recharge or Bold to manage subscriptions!


Recharge and Bold are two of the most popular apps for offering subscription products in Shopify stores, so we're excited to bring ProsperStack's powerful retention features to these platforms.

Check out the documentation for more details on how these new integrations work:

New offer type: Modify subscription




We've added a new offer type: Modify subscription!

Frame 3.png

This new offer type adds the ability to modify a customer's subscription by adding or removing line items or add-ons. Offer additional packages or add-ons or remove unused products as an alternative to canceling.

Check out the documentation for this new offer type, or check the subscription platform feature support reference for details on how this feature works with your subscription platform.

Improved segment builder




We've improved the segment builder with advanced boolean options! Customer segment conditions can now be built with boolean options (AND/OR) and you can create subgroups for even more advanced segmentation.

Frame 4.png

Check out the customer segments documentation for more information on using the segment builder.

New active discount segment properties




We've added two new segment properties that allow you to target customers based on their active discount amount.

The new properties are:

  • Subscription — Discount percentage
  • Subscription — Discount fixed amount

With these new properties, you can segment customers based on the amount of their active discount. For example, you could offer a pause subscription option to customers already receiving a discount greater than a specific percentage or dollar amount.

Check out the segment property documentation for more information on creating customer segments.

Specify when a plan change occurs with Chargebee




We've added support for specifying when a plan change occurs when using the Chargebee integration.


You can now configure a change plan offer or your flow cancellation settings to change a customer's plan at the end of their current billing period.

Improved cancellation options




We've improved the options for automatically handling canceled subscriptions. You can now have ProsperStack change a customer's subscription plan when they cancel through a cancellation flow. This can be useful if you downgrade customers to a free plan instead of canceling their subscription.

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 2.05.33 PM.png

Check out the new options in the Flow settings section of each cancellation flow.